Sims 4 Hair CC folder


Best CC shop is the only one place where Jeans, over-the-knee boots, bike shorts, leggings, A-line skirt, sports bra, “Rose” hair, script tattoos, choker necklace, cargo pants (Deli’s five!), crop top, long crop top, and a pencil skirt. These items will fit teens, young adults, adults, and elder Sims.

Download the nothing file. Once downloading, unfasten the file to indicate its contents. Just Copy and paste all “package” files to your mod folder. This folder is found in your Sims four folder: user/documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4/mods

*If you are doing not have a “mods” folder you’ll be able to produce a brand new folder yourself inside The Sims four folder. (Right click-new-folder)

Make sure you’ve got enabled custom content in your Sims four-game. Open CC Shop the Sims four and access your game settings. Once in-game choices choose others. From there, choose to alter Custom Content and Mods. Once a game patch, you may get to flip this back on.

Who are Delegacy and Grim Cookies?

Both Australian content creators, Delegacy run a gaming channel on YouTube and Twitch where she posts almost daily. Grim cookies also have a Trusted CC Shop and is a very talented custom content creator! You can check out more amazing custom content made by grim cookies.

Is that pack made with EA, Maxis or any of The Sims 4 team? This is the custom content pack that has not been made in partnership with Electronic Arts, Maxis or any of The Sims 4 team. It is not an official Sims 4 pack release.

The Delegacy & Grim cookies CAS stuff pack is fan-made content, made to celebrate and share their love for The Sims 4!

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