Feasts of Ramadan 2019


There are two important feasts of ramadan one is before fast the time before fajar prayer, and the other is to break the fast which is at maghrib time.

Feast at Sehri

Sehri the time before we start fasting, the time before fajar prayer, all of us Muslims know that sehri is important before we fast as we are not allowed to eat or drink anything till iftar time so sehri is very important health wise and also religious wise. The feast that s served at sehri time is usually the normal daily food we eat but if you wanna stay charged throughout the day and not get thirsty or hungry there are some feats which you can eat during sehri so that you do not have to worry about your hunger or thirst. These are the 10 meals that can keep your energy level high during Ramadan.

  • Bagels and Bananas. This combination of nut butter, almonds and honey will keep you charged throughout the day.
  • Oat meal packed with fruits.
  • Stuffed egg paratha.
  • Banana oatmeal smoothie.
  • Scrambled eggs with chicken.
  • Sehri Qeema.
  • Spinach Feta Wrap.
  • Shami Kebab.

If you skip sehri it will effect your health in many ways as sehri is an important meal that would help you stay  energetic throughout the day. Many people say that the more glasses of water you drink the less you stay thirsty but many people wouldn’t agree with that. If you don’t wanna feel thirsty throughout the day of ramadan you should have at least two cups of green tea it will not completely control the thirst but it helps a lot throughout the day. Different families follow different customs but if you want to stay healthy you should eat these meals at sehri as it will help you throughout the day.

Feast at Iftari

Iftari time the time maghrib in which we break our fast. All of the people are hungry and they are impatiently waiting for iftar time but as iftari time starts as they are thirsty they go for the glass water because of which they do not eat much which is very common among families as everyone knows. But they get really hungry after isha prayer and when they come home they eat a lot. At iftar time families serve special dishes. Iftar feast is also very important, here are some dishes that you need to eat at iftar time to stay healthy.

  • Break your fast with dates as it is a tradition in the religion of Islam to break the fast with dates.
  • Have a bowl of soup.
  • Eat your greens
  • Choose good carbs.
  • Incorporate lean proteins.
  • Take it easy during iftar time as it can effect your health.
  • Avoid foods high in fat, salt and sugar.

When you can eat and drink, consuming plenty of high fibre foods, such as wholegrains, high fibre cereals, bran, fruit and vegetables, dried fruit and nuts alongside plenty of fluids may help to ease constipation as well as doing some light physical activity, such as going for a walk after iftar. It is important to break your fast with dates not water because if you drink water first you will not be able to eat enough food and you will feel really heavy and also it is important not to drink water first health wise. Physical activity after iftar is very important so you should take a walk but as in the month of ramadan you can not play any sports during day time so people prefer playing at night time so that fills in need of physical activity.


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